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2017 Airport Construction Season Begins

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Work has begun on the final phase of the Taxiway A reconstruction project.  The project kicked off on Monday, July 3rd, as work commenced on the removal and replacement of the final portion of the original taxiway.  Taxiway ‘A’ is the parallel taxiway to the main Runway 18-36.

2017 Project Graphic

Over the past 5 years, roughly 75% of Taxiway ‘A’ has been replaced in two separate projects.  The first portion was started in 2012 and the most recent was completed last year.

The taxiway project should have minimal impacts on air traffic although the main runway will have to be temporarily shortened for about 30 days.  This shortening of the usable runway is due to the taxiway work being completed on the far north end of that runway.  The remaining runway is still adequate to handle all the scheduled aircraft that serve Fargo.

In addition to the taxiway project, there is also a ramp expansion project that will add approximately 82,000 square feet of pavement to existing 320,000 square foot air cargo apron.  Also, Corporate Air is constructing a 30,000 square foot hangar to serve their air cargo based aircraft that provide feeder service to FedEx.  The hangar is funded privately whereas the ramp expansion and taxiway project will be funded by the airport.

Northern Improvement of Fargo, ND was awarded the bid in the amount of $7.4M for the taxiway and ramp expansion project which should be completed in October.  This project is funded jointly by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Municipal Airport Authority.


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