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Flight Information Display System Installed At Hector
February 04, 2003

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The installation of an automated flight information display (FID) system was recently completed at Hector International eFids PictureAirport. The new system provides updated flight information and is displayed on monitors located in the passenger terminal building. The information is also available 24-hours a day via the internet or by phone.

The flight information display system consists of a series of video monitors, gate and baggage information displays, and an automated interactive voice response system that provides up-to-date information for all scheduled and charter flights arriving and departing Fargo. The system is updated automatically by a data feed that is provided by the actual radar data of the aircraft. Once the aircraft becomes airborne it is updated immediately. The only time an update must be made manually is when there is a delay on the ground.

The video display monitors are located adjacent to the east entrance doors, just prior to the escalator and at the entrance to the security checkpoint.

Picture of MapOne monitor located at the security checkpoint displays a map (see left) that shows the Midwest region with overlays of any precipitation occurring and the location of the aircraft.

The gate displays are located at each of the four boarding bridge locations along the two commuter gates. These displays identify the flight departing from that gate. In addition to the gate displays, there are baggage information displays that identify the flight to which the luggage was offloaded.

This system also has an interactive voice response system. This provides the identical information displayed on the monitors in the terminal to persons that call the airport information phone number. If the flight number is not known the system announces all flights currently scheduled for arrival and departure. This service is available 24 hours a day by calling 241-8168.

The flight information system can be accessed via the Hector International Airport website. Just click on ‘Flight Information’ in the index section.

The flight information display project was bid in October 2002 and awarded to Cinergy Communications of Evansville, IN.

The radar data is provided by FlightView RLM Software Boston, MA.


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