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U. S. Air Race Coming to Fargo
February 18, 2002

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The non-profit, all volunteer U. S. Air Race, Inc. has announced the 2002 Marion Jayne and Fargo 300 air races. The races will base from Hector International Airport on July 13 through 19, 2002.

The organization celebrates the Freedom of Flight at the U.S. Air Race, Inc. continues its commitment to improving pilot skills through competition while the proceeds for these events benefit youth and collegiate aviation endeavors. These events are open to all pilots and all planes with normally aspirated engines. Flying will be done under FAR's in daylight, VFR conditions. Since planes are individually handicapped, teams flying a rented 172 can compete with teams in a customized Comanche.

The founding sponsor, U. S. Specialty Insurance Corporations will see the events' proceeds benefit youth and collegiate aviation endeavors as well as supporting the $27,000 in trophies, cash and prizes for the competitors.

Once competition starts, teams will cross pristine landscapes and view spectacular scenery. The Fargo 300 is where pilotage and precise flying reign supreme as teams compete with a compass and sectional charts for navigational aids. This is the event to enjoy flying as the aviators did at the birth of aviation. After three days and 1900 miles of cross country flying, teams will return to Fargo for awards. Routes will soar over Minnesota lakes, the shores of Lake Superior, past Kakabeka Falls, over the lakes of Canada and then into the Dakota's Badlands and Black Hills and over Lake Sakakawea before heading for the finish line at Fargo.

Since the first race, the teams have flown 375,906 miles with a perfect safety record.

For more information please visit www.us-airrace.org


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