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Bid Awarded for Runway Reconstruction Project
March 09, 2004

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The single largest ever construction project for Hector International Airport was awarded on Tuesday by the Municipal Airport Authority. The $18.2 million runway reconstruction contract was awarded to Shafer Contracting of Shafer, MN.

The project will entail the entire removal and replacement of the main runway at Hector. The current runway is 9,546' long and 150' wide. The new runway will be slightly shorter at 9,000' long. Beside minor repairs, the last major construction on the runway was completed in 1970.

The project is scheduled to begin in April. Although the new runway will be opened in October 2004 the entire project is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2005. While the runway is closed and being reconstructed, a parallel taxiway will be used as a temporary runway. Hector has three runways but two will be closed for this construction. Runway 8/26 and the temporary runway will be available for aircraft operations.

Due to the construction, the airport will not have an instrument approach (ILS) until the new runway is opened later this fall. This could cause delays and flight cancellations during times of reduced visibility or low clouds.

The following is a breakdown of the project:

Q The main runway (designated 17/35) will be completely removed and replaced. The runway will be shortened to 9,000' to allow for more runway protection on the south side of the airport. When the new runway is reopened it will be designated runway 18/36.

Q  A new connector taxiway will be constructed to the south of runway 8/26. This will allow a more efficient use of both runways and aircraft will have one more option for exiting the runway after landing.

Q  New runway lighting and navigational aids will be installed.

The amount of concrete used in this project will be equivalent to paving 13 miles of interstate highway. The new runway will have the same strength characteristics of the runway it is replacing and the airport will still be able to accommodate all aircraft up to Boeing 747 and the Russian AN-124. 

The project is funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, Municipal Airport Authority, North Dakota State Aeronautic Commission, and the North Dakota Air National Guard.

To view a layout of this project click here.


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