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Construction Begins for 2006 Season
May 8, 2006

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The 2006 airport construction season kicked off on Monday and although not as busy as the previous years construction, still many improvements on the airfield side of the airport. The total project cost for this year is approximately $1.7 million which is funded jointly by the FAA and the Municipal Airport Authority.


Construction PictureThe project entails two separate contracts which were both bid in March. Northern Improvement of Fargo was awarded the south general aviation ramp rehabilitation. This is a continuation of the general aviation ramp project that has been ongoing. The project consists mainly of concrete panel and storm water inlet replacement along with paving grass areas that have become difficult to maintain. This project should be completed by early July.


The second contract was awarded to Strata Corporation of Fargo. This project is to remove the asphalt shoulders on Taxiway's 'A' and 'D' and replace with dirt and grass. The old asphalt shoulders were becoming difficult to maintain and replacement was determined to be unnecessary.


In addition the old taxiway lighting circuit is being replaced and updated with new LED light fixtures. The older quartz halogen lights used 45 watts each on the highest light setting. The new LED fixtures use 1 watt. There are approximately 300 quartz halogen light fixtures that are being replaced with new LED fixtures. In addition to the power savings, the new LED fixtures are projected to operate for up to 20 years before replacement is needed. This project should be completed in early Fall.


Later this summer, the Municipal Airport Authority will receive bids on the west terminal expansion project. If the bids are acceptable, work on the expansion could begin this fall.


In addition to the Airport Authority projects, the Federal Aviation Administration has completed construction of a new airport surveillance radar (ASR-11). The current radar, located on the east side of the airport, will be replaced by a new digital-based system. The 70-foot high radar tower is located directly south of the passenger terminal. This project is funded entirely by the FAA and should be operational in early 2007.



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