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Road Closure at Hector International Airport
July 13, 2004

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The Municipal Airport Authority of the City of Fargo and the North Dakota Air National Guard today announced a section of 23rd Avenue North will be closed to traffic beginning Tuesday, July 13, 2004. The section of 23rd Avenue North between 16th Street and North University Drive will be utilized by the “Happy Hooligans” to accommodate future development and growth along the south campus at the Air National Guard base.

Board members of the Municipal Airport Authority voted 4 - 0 this morning to extend an existing long-term land lease to include the Hector International Airport property surrounding that section of 23rd Avenue North.

The Department of Defense changed design and engineering requirements this year for military facilities to incorporate larger amounts of green space in landscape design, more stringent set back of buildings and other permanent facilities from adjacent property lines and to address security matters. In addition, there are new specifications for remodeling of existing buildings and site development plans for new construction. The new security, engineering and architecture standards are effective immediately.

Municipal Airport Authority Board of Directors Chairman Don Kilander said the North Dakota Air National Guard is an important adjoining landowner and one of the better known neighbors at Hector International Airport. "Through the efforts of past leadership, Fargo gained an Air National Guard unit back in 1947. This change in land use will allow a great deal of flexibility in continuing the modernization of facilities at the 119th Fighter Wing for years to come."

119th Fighter Wing Commander Colonel Richard Utecht noted, "We are grateful to receive use of this additional land along our existing boundary and thankful to the Airport Authority board members for the use of property. This existing section of 23rd Avenue North will be helpful in improving our internal flow of vehicle traffic allowing better access to our facilities and provide an improved measure of security as well."

Utecht said the new DoD standards provide a challenge to some existing Army National Guard and Air National Guard facilities in developed areas. "Armories are integral components in large and small communities throughout the United States, providing easy access to the local constituencies we serve." Typically, large active duty military facilities are located miles away from populated centers and many times are inaccessible for community needs.

Access to the South General Aviation Area and the East Terminal will be from19th Avenue North and 21st Avenue North via 16th Street North that is located on the east side of the Fargo Air Museum.


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