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Airline Ticket Counter Relocation Project Completed
July 14, 2004

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A project to relocate the airline ticket counters at Hector International Airport has been completed.

Terminal PictureThe project entailed moving the airline ticket counters out approximately six more feet to accommodate the trace detection equipment operated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Previously, once a passenger checked in at the airline ticket counter, the passenger would then have to stand in a second line to have their checked luggage screened before boarding the airplane.  With the relocation project, the passenger needs to only stand in one line to obtain their boarding pass and have their luggage checked.Terminal Picture

In addition to the relocation project, United Express installed new state-of-the-art ticket counters that allow a passenger to check-in via a self-service device.  Each position also has a direct phone line to contact United reservations if the need arises. 

Northwest has had three self-service check-in devices for some time and now added two more for a total of five.

The project was first discussed in February by the Municipal Airport Authority.  Since that time, plans were drawn up and bids were accepted.  Smithco of Fargo, ND was awarded the bid for the project.  The total project cost including all electrical work was approximately $30,000.


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