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Hector participates in U.S. Customs GATE Program
August 10, 2001

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Hector International Airport has been included in a program the U.S. Customs Service developed to more efficiently allow general aviation aircraft to enter the United States from Canada.

The General Aviation Telephonic Entry (GATE) will allow certain qualifying general aviation aircraft to report their entry telephonically when entering the United States directly from Canada. The program combines the proven benefits of facilitation and selectivity, it rewards compliance and frees up valuable Customs inspection resources for reinvestment into more productive areas.

Only U.S. and Canadian registered general aviation aircraft arriving in the United States directly from Canada qualify for this program. Aircraft transiting Canada do not qualify.

Most airports currently serviced by the U.S. Customs Service qualify under this program. Approval for GATE airports is at the discretion of the local Customs Port Director. While there are now 243 approved airports in 38 States and the District of Columbia, other airports may be approved by the local Customs Port Director based on a review of the location after it is requested as an arrival airport on a GATE Application. Factors a port director will take into consideration in determining whether to approve an airport for the GATE Program are:

    1. the willingness of the airport operator to participate in the test,
    2. the distance and commuting time from the nearest Customs port of entry,
    3. the existence of a secure inspection area, and
    4. the accessibility of adequate communications equipment.

For more information on the GATE program, visit the US Customs website.


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