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Hector International Airport Awaits Delivery of Passenger Boarding Bridge
August 10, 1999

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Municipal Airport Authority Chairman Ken Pawluk announced today that Hector International Airport has recently ordered a passenger boarding bridge from Jetway Systems, a division of the FMC Corporation located in Ogden, UT.

Jetway PictureThe new passenger boarding bridge will be capable of enplaning and deplaning passengers from aircraft ranging in size from the Canadair Regional Jet to the Boeing 747. The new boarding bridge will be the newest state of the art that is offered and will provide an easy transition for passengers from the aircraft to the terminal building. When the bridge is fully extended the bridge will be 110’ long. The loading bridge will also be equipped with a 400hz converter that will provide electrical power to the aircraft while parked at the gate.

The new passenger boarding bridge should be installed on the gate 4 position about the 3rd week of August and become operational shortly thereafter.


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