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Dorgan Says Hector One Step Closer To Designation As International Port Of Entry
September 16, 1999

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U. S. Senator Byron Dorgan said Thursday that Hector International Airport at Fargo may be one step closer to receiving a designation from the U. S. Customs Service as an International Port of Entry. Dorgan included language seeking the port of entry designation in the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2000, a measure that was approved by the Senate this morning. Officials at the Fargo airport are requesting the international port of entry designation which is expected to boost trade and have a strong economic impact on the region.

Dorgan successfully included a requirement in the Treasury and General Government Bill that the U. S. Customs evaluate the merits of making Hector an international port of entry and report its findings to Congress by February 15, 2000. At Dorgan's request, the bill also encourages Customs to consider a pilot project for several selected airport, including Hector International Airport, which may not currently meet the requirements for such a designation but which demonstrate promise of meeting them in the future due to expanded international trade and commerce.

"This is an important step that could mean increased traffic at Hector and spark additional interest among international shippers," said Dorgan, a member of the Senate Appropriations committee. "I believe a pilot project at Hector will show just how much promise the airport holds as an international port of entry."

Hector International Airport is a popular commercial shipping point due to it central location along the northern U. S. border and its low volume of traffic congestion. To keep pace with increased shipping demands, the airport has expanded, both in personnel and facilities, and has the plans for additional expansions. A designation as an international port of entry is expected to stimulate even more growth.

Dorgan said the bill now goes to the President to be signed into law.


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