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Hector Airport Introduces New Way To Pick Up Passengers
October 11, 2006

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Hector International Airport announced today the airport viewing park will receive an additional designation as a Cell Phone Park, a lot where motorists can wait in their vehicles to meet arriving passengers.


Sign PictureBy creating the Cell Phone Park, Hector International Airport is joining busy airports around the country in giving travelers and their rides a convenient way to connect and alleviate traffic congestion in front of the passenger terminal, especially during peak travel times. The lot enables drivers to temporarily park, free of charge, until their air travelers have deplaned and collected baggage. There are more than 20 spots available in the lot.


Using the Cell Phone Park is convenient for both the arriving party and pick-up party.





  • Pick-up party arrives at the Cell Phone Park and occupies one of the numerous free parking spaces

  • Pick-up party waits in vehicle.

  • Arriving party gathers luggage and calls cell phone of the waiting party.

  • Arriving party waits at curb.

  • Pick-up party makes one quick pass in front of the terminal to collect passenger(s).

The Cell Phone Park is located on the east side of Dakota Drive approximately half way between 19th Avenue North and the airport terminal. Signage will direct motorists to the lot. The lot will also retain its purpose as a viewing park. Traditional parking options remain available for pick-up parties that want to enter the terminal.


Short-term parking is $.75 per half hour with a $7.50 daily maximum. Long-term parking costs $1.00 her hour with a $5.00 daily maximum and $30.00 weekly maximum.



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