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Terminal Expansion Project Begins
October 16, 2006

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The long planned for terminal expansion construction process is now underway at Hector International Airport. The first signs of the construction project became noticeable today. Construction barriers and workers installing fence posts for the temporary construction fence first appeared on this date.


The workers and barriers were a subtle sign of the more apparent changes to come. A more accurate term for the construction activities going on now would be deconstruction. Demolition of the old site in preparation for the expansion is the active phase of this construction project.


The demolition phase of this project is lead by cutting equipment and being followed up by pulverizing and cleanup equipment. The cutting equipment is being used to separate the concrete to be demolished from that which will be preserved, as well as cut the towering evergreens.


The pulverizing equipment is being used to break the concrete into manageable pieces for cleanup by the excavator and dump trucks. The excavator’s duties are to load up all the remains of the evergreens and remove the pulverized concrete.


Prior to the new footings for the expansion to by in place, the existing cooling tower and electrical transformer will be removed and relocated.  The west expansion should be completed next summer at which time the north expansion will commence.  Construction should be completed in late 2008.


A webpage has been set up for weekly progress on the construction.  You can view the page by clicking here.




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