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Work Begins on Drain 10 Project
August 15, 2007

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Work began today a portion of Cass County Drain 10 that spans through airport property. The ditch bank along the drain have held considerably high water for long periods of time which had caused portions of the ditch bank to slide into the bottom of the channel.


Construction PictureOne area of concern was adjacent the airport maintenance shop where a bridge spans the channel. Moore Engineering was hired by Cass County to determine the cause of the slide and how to repair it. Last summer after numerous meetings it was decided that the ditch bank in this area should be rerouted to provide a much less steep embankment. It was also determined that the existing bridge be replaced with large box culverts.


Moore Engineering advertised the work and bids were open this spring. The bid was awarded to Master Construction in the amount of $509,383. This cost will be divided amongst the Cass County Water District, Cass County, The Municipal Airport Authority and the City of Fargo. Work should be completed this fall.



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