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Fargo’s FAA-FSDO Receives National Office of the Year Award for Accident Investigation
November 6, 1998

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The Federal Aviation Administration recognized the Fargo Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) as the National Office of the Year for Accident Investigation for this past year. The Fargo Office was in competition with 94 offices nation wide for this award. Criteria for this includes accurate and timely completion of accident investigation reports, conducting on-scene accident investigations, and making safety recommendations.

There were 14 aircraft accidents that occurred within the jurisdiction of the Fargo office during this time period. Investigators from the Fargo office completed on-scene investigations of each accident in an accurate and timely manner and identified one or more areas of responsibility of cause of each accident. Additionally, these inspectors identified and submitted numerous safety recommendations to the FAA as a result of their investigations.

Special recognition was offered to Inspector Verl Addison for his very active role in accident investigation. Since 1993 Mr. Addison has personally submitted seven aircraft safety recommendations with six of those being accepted and implemented.

The Awards were presented by Mr. David F. Thomas, Director of the Office of Accident Investigation, and Mr. Frank Del Gandio, Manager, Recommendation and Safety Analysis Division. Both gentlemen are based at FAA Headquarters, Washington, DC.

Accepting the office Award was Mr. Charles A. Winkenwerder, Manager of the Fargo FSDO Office. Mr. Winkenwerder offered his congratulations and appreciation to the staff of the Fargo office and stated "This award recognizes the collective efforts of all Fargo FSDO employees working together with other federal agencies plus state and local authorities in the investigation of aircraft accidents occurring within the State of North Dakota.


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