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Parking Lot Expansion Project Begins
July 13, 2009

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Construction began today on the parking lot expansion/reconstruction project at Hector International Airport. The expansion project entails adding additional parking spaces to both the long-term and car rental parking lot and reconstructing the existing long-term parking lot. The expansion will add 245 spaces to long-term parking and 100 spaces to the car rental lot. The existing long-term parking lot was paved in 1985 and the existing pavement has exceeded its useful life.

Construction PictureThe project will have three phases. The first phase is constructing the new addition to the long-term lot and to begin closing the east-half of the existing long-term lot. Signage will be place to inform drivers of the closure and information as to where they should park. The existing long-term lot (east-half) is being closed now to allow enough time for all the vehicles to vacate the lot once the reconstruction begins. Any vehicles left in the area will be relocated to another area of the long-term parking lot.

The second phase will not begin until the new long-term expanded area is open. The second phase of the project will commence in early August. Once this phase begins, signage will be place to close the west-half of the long-term lot and all vehicles parking long-term will have to park in the south end of the long-term parking lot.

The last phase of the project will be to reconstruct the west-half of the existing long-term parking lot. Again, any vehicles left in this area will be relocated to other areas of the long-term parking lot. If your vehicle was relocated, please contact the personnel at the parking exit booth for assistance to find your vehicle. Border States Paving was awarded the $1.4M contract.

This project was funded entirely by the Municipal Airport Authority and should be completed in October of this year.


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