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Terminal Expansion Begins New Phase
January 7, 2007

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The passenger terminal expansion project that began in October 2006 has now begun a new phase and probably the one that has the greatest affect on the traveling public. The middle section of the terminal where the escalators are currently has been completely closed off for demolition with construction of new wider escalators and the addition of more floor space on the 2nd level.


Terminal Construction PictureA temporary staircase was constructed in the baggage claim area that allows public access between the first and second floor. The elevator remains in service but access to it has been detoured slightly. Once the new escalators are in place and operational, the elevator will be replaced with an updated cab and a more accessible entrance. This phase of the project will provide more room for the security checkpoint lines and also for meeters and greeters to meet the passengers either enplaning or deplaning. The escalator project should be completed in mid-May.


Terminal Construction Picture

The west expansion is on schedule with the placement of the steel girders for the roof now taking place. The west expansion should be completed this summer which will add a third baggage claim and a new gate to the terminal. Once this is completed the terminal will be expanded to the north providing more departure lounge room and a much larger area for the security checkpoint. The entire project should be completed by late 2008.


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