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Hector Upgrades Baggage Screening System
September 1, 2007

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Hector International Airport just recently completed an upgrade to its baggage screening system. Since 9/11, all checked luggage and cargo had to be hand screened by security officers of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) using electronic trace detectors.

Terminal Construction PictureThis project, which was bid separately from the terminal expansion project, entailed reconstruction the entire baggage system from the ticket counter to the tug concourse. All luggage is now transported via a conveyor system through a screening room and then out to a luggage carousel in the tug concourse area where the airlines load it on carts to deliver to the aircraft.

The new explosives detection system (EDS) screens luggage and cargo using a computed tomography (CT) type of scanner. The Reveal Terminal Construction PictureCT-80 is the first EDS designed for 100% checked baggage inspection. The CT-80's superior detection and false alarm performance is available for as little as one quarter the cost of traditional certified CT scanners.

Bags are screened automatically for the full spectrum of explosives, with most bags automatically cleared by the system. The CT-80 provides an advanced EDS user interface designed to comply with the latest TSA alarm resolution protocols.

This project was bid in March 2007 and awarded to Contemporary Builder's and Modern Electric both of Fargo, ND for the amount of $474,900. The Transportation Security Administration purchased the CT-80 Reveal equipment.  


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