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Hector International Airport is pleased to bring you ArtWORKS at the Airport, an on-going series of exhibits that showcase the work of regional artists.

Art expresses who we are as a community and some of the values we share, including creativity and thoughtfulness.

Whether you are a visitor to the region or returning home, we hope the art exhibited here gives you a welcoming sense of place. You can see the exhibition near baggage claim.

The Cows Show

For the inaugural exhibition of ArtWORKS at the Airport, we gathered six of our region’s celebrated artists to participant in an exhibit of something immensely accessible: cows.

Each artist provides their unique perspective on the bovine world: whimsical, full of personality or just handsome creatures enjoying all things pastoral.

Artists include

Ellen Jean Diederich, Dan Jones, Elizabeth Schwankl, Scott Seiler, Jon Solinger, and Emily Williams-Wheeler.

A program of The Arts Partnership

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